Allison Hall

Project Team:

Dennis Langley
Dan Weese
Emily Kociolek

Completion Date:


Project Cost:


Project Description:

Allison Hall, constructed in 1961, is one of the larger and more desirable residences at Northwestern. In an effort to promote a richer residential experience, the university is in the process of introducing faculty apartments and small teaching spaces into selected dormitories on campus. At Allison, the first floor was extensively reworked to allow for a 3-bedroom faculty apartment with a separate exterior entrance as well as an expanded resident administratorís apartment and a 20-person seminar room. In addition, faculty offices and a small apartment for a graduate student are near the large common resident lounge.

The upper floors received new interior finishes, improved lounges and laundry spaces, and complete overhauls of the resident bathrooms. The building systems, including mechanical and plumbing, were upgraded to improve efficiency, life safety standards, and performance. Overall, the improvements are meant to solidify its position as a center for resident life on campus.