Branch of Hope

Project Team:

Dennis Langley
Katie Heinz
Tina Kress

Completion Date:


Project Cost:


Project Description:

This project, located on a full block at 56th and Halsted, is a collaboration between Olive Branch Ministry and Interfaith Housing Development Corp to develop supportive housing for adults. The site is divided into two buildings of 50 units each with a shared central entry area off of Halsted. The buildings are three stories in height and articulated to keep a scale that fits into the existing neighboring residential and low density commercial areas. The central courtyard is defined by volumes containing gatherings and support services for tenants. These portions have sloped roof planes to identify the use as well as provide for more natural light. Numerous outside areas are also defined for use by the tenants. The site is detailed and defined to give a campus like feel which acknowledges the context while not overwhelming the existing urban scale.