Project Team:

Dennis Langley
Rich Klein
Katie Heinz

Completion Date:


Project Cost:


Project Description:

A location on the South side of Chicago near public transportation and a public park was selected to house both a program for juveniles moving out of foster care and Grand Families- grand parents raising the children of the family- in an intergenerational setting of one, two, three and four bedroom units. The project has two sites on the same block with an alley between and is planned for two 27 unit, four story structures. The buildings are designed to have through lobbies, front and back canopies and interconnecting walkways in order to act as a community as well as share services between buildings. Each building is of an identical floor plan which helps make the project affordable to construct by increasing the purchase power of all of the commodities and contracts. The existing neighborhood has a number of open properties but still has a few examples of the original three story buildings nearby.