North Eastwood Shores Apartments

Project Team:

Dennis Langley
Richard Klein
Emily Kociolek

Completion Date:


Project Cost:


Project Description:

The North Eastwood Shores Apartments at 850 W. Eastwood in the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago is a renovation of a 16-story 231 unit apartment building. The building has a mix of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments. ‘Green’ features incorporated in the renovation include a new energy efficient fan coil mechanical system, with new rooftop chillers for central air conditioning replacing through-wall air conditioners; new high-efficiency boilers in a new rooftop penthouse; new insulation at exterior walls and the roof; and new Energy Star roofing. The renovation includes replacement of existing apartment kitchens and bathrooms; restoration of the concrete façade and parking garage; and painting of the exterior of the building. The renovation is being completed four floors at a time, with the remainder of the building occupied.