Pullman ArtSpace

Project Team:

Dennis Langley
Nicol Zeller

Project Description:

The historic setting is on all sides of the proposed building. This setting is of such importance and rarity that simply building a project that copies the original fabric and elements would distract from this richness. The new building will be, as proposed, “book ended” by 2 carefully restored original Pullman buildings.

The approach we propose is a building that looks to have a timeless quality along the street elevation, one that blends with the existing historic architecture while recognizing its new purpose with articulation, one that looks to capture natural light. The design opens to the community in a new way that has not existed before.

At the rear of the property the building has no street exposure and minimal context allowing a more modern timeless aesthetic, opening even more light to the common areas being used by the artist community. This more current look/”vibe” will help give, in a discreet way, the type of indemnity that is their “Artist Community” which is part of the “Pullman” community.