Transit Housing

Project Description:

The City of Chicago allows and acknowledges that housing should be encouraged around its mass transit system. To that end they give parking requirement bonuses to development within 500 feet off transit stations which encourages and helps such developments.

In a currently underutilized commercial property, along a CTA transit line, an affordable housing developer is looking to create diverse housing options to help bolster the surrounding family residential neighborhood. In addition, given its location next to a prominent L stops the Commercial facing portion of the building will be developed to encourage retail activities at the street level.

The building opens outward with a gathering tenant space at the building corner above the retail, multiple balconies overlooking both streets. In addition the ground floor is made with high ceilings that wrap along the commercial street and into the residential portion of the project.

The building articulation is developed using roof projections, perforated metal panels of different colors on the balconies, alternating wall panel colors, colorful metal fascia treatments above the windows, and varied color glass panels at the ground floor glazing system.