Harold Washington Apartments

Project Team:

Dennis Langley
Rich Klein
Emily Kociolek

Completion Date:


Project Cost:


Project Description:

The Harold Washington Apartments in the Uptown neighborhood in Chicago is a three story single room occupancy apartment building with commercial tenants and shared common space for tenants on the first floor. Weese Langley Weese completed a moderate rehabilitation of the building in 1990 for Lakefront SRO and is now working with Mercy Housing Lakefront on an extensive renovation of the building. The current renovation includes adding a new elevator for the tenants who have aged in place in the building; expanding the central exterior gangway into a courtyard that provides outdoor space for tenants; and adding new code-compliant exit stairs within the building to replace the existing fire escapes. A new geothermal mechanical system will be installed throughout the building with geothermal wells in the expanded courtyard. The renovation will also include providing private bathrooms for all SRO units, which previously had shared bathrooms.