Winnetka Congregational Church Sanctuary

Project Team:

Dennis Langley
Dan Weese

Completion Date:


Project Cost:


Project Description:

This project involves the reconfiguration of the existing chancel in response to changes in the liturgy and music program of the church. The existing organ was in disrepair and was replaced by a new tracker organ. The ceiling was rebuilt and blind arches to either side of the chancel were opened to allow for better acoustics within the space. The chancel was reorganized to improve flexibility during worship services, allowing for a variety of performances. The choir was moved to the back of the chancel and a narrow central stair from the nave was removed to improve the connection between the two spaces. A custom designed movable pulpit and pastoral seating allow for the chancel floor to be completely cleared. Throughout the project, including the furniture and organ case, WLW planned and detailed the modifications to work in harmony with the original space.